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Tesla/SpaceX: Celebration of Innovation

Clearpath conceived, designed and produced every aspect of this celebration of American innovation, highlighting the grand opening of the new Tesla Motors showroom in Washington, DC and SpaceX's successful launch and orbit of the commercial Dragon space capsule.  The challenge was two-fold: create an event concept that successfully merges the cutting edge alternative energy technologies of Tesla with SpaceX's pioneering progress in commercializing a new frontier of space exploration, and build it in 24 hours in a temporary outdoor climate-controlled structure in the middle of winter.  For the centerpiece to the event, we brought in the actual first commercial launch vehicle to successfully orbit and re-enter the earth's atmosphere, surrounded by a veritable showroom floor of Tesla's latest models.  Attendees included members of Congress and senior Administration officials.  The event received high-profile coverage in all major print news outlets and has been featured in segments on CNN and other broadcast networks in their coverage of these companies and innovation on these fronts.